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Alternatives to Socialized Medicine

Ok, so the Socialist in DC have at least acknowledged that the Health Care reform movement is about Health Insurance and not necessarily Health Care. So let’s stop arguing about the fact that nobody has any problem getting the health care they need.

Yes, there are needed improvements in health care – nothing and nobody are perfect. Fortunately we live in the greatest country on earth (not for long, if certain people have their way) that is creative, industrious, and ingenious, and they’re working on that. Medical breakthroughs really are occurring every day!

Yes, the health insurance industry needs improvement. But, the last I checked, health insurance wasn’t an inalienable right. And socialized medicine is NOT the answer. It has proven a mistake everywhere it has been practiced.

Here are some suggested steps to take (many already being sought by the GOP – the supposed party of “no” – but being thwarted by the Socialist Party otherwise known as Democrats):

First, hold people accountable for their own health. It’s a fact that those who take better care of themselves have fewer health problems, thus have lower health care costs. While some things cannot be averted (accidents, genetic diseases, and some cancers), it’s up to each person to determine the best course of care and payment options for themselves. There are other alternatives to socialization.

Second, reward healthy behaviors, but do NOT punish unhealthy behavior. For instance, smoking is an addiction, so instead of punishing smokers, reward those who quit and/or don’t smoke. Research work-place wellness programs that have proven effective for ideas.

Third, the insurance industry itself is rife with fraud & abuse. That’s one of the reasons it costs so much!

Fourth, tort reform can go a LONG way to reduce costs across the board!

Fifth, how about reforming the insurance industry such that individual/family plans are viable options. That’s the biggest problem with health insurance. Currently, people are slaves to their jobs just for the health benefits packages. How about insurance companies offering group plans for individuals that are independent of employers/companies, but also affordable?

Lastly, how about a “Thanks, but no thanks” option? Many don’t want nor need insurance (so let’s stop raving about the number of people without it). Many in the medical industry are already moving toward a fee-only type of service. This is because in most cases, simple preventive medical care (annual check ups & such) are still much less expensive than insurance premiums!

I’ll say it again: Health Insurance is not an inalienable right! It is not the government’s (tax payers’) job to provide it!

Since When is Health Insurance an Inalienable Right?

For over a month now, that question has been screaming in my head. Because of that, I’ve been working on this post little by little. Then I saw this morning that Neal Boortz wrote a blog post saying the same thing! lol

Ok, so maybe he’s smarter and a faster writer than me, but I’m glad that I’m not the only one trying to shout that message from the roof tops!

So, I’ll share with you what I’d already written, then send you over to Neal’s post – since he’s so much better with words than I.

The Issue is NOT About Access to Health Care

This is NOT an “access to health care” issue – everyone has access to care. The issue is who pays for it. So this is really an “access to health insurance” issue. But the last time I checked health care was NOT an inalienable right. This is more of Obama’s “spread the wealth” Marxism, and not about making our health care system more efficient and inexpensive.

Government Run = Failure

It’s a proven fact that government run ANYTHING doesn’t work well. More so has it been proven that socialized medicine doesn’t work. Go look at the numbers in Europe and Canada. Health care cost more, is a major tax burden on the citizenry, and doesn’t improve care at all. As a matter of fact, it rations care to such a point that people actually DO die due to lack of access!! Talk about a real “access to health care” issue.

Seek the Right Care

The deadbeats who mooch off our system are one of the reasons health care costs so much. Instead of taking care of themselves to ensure better health, and going to a doctor’s office or the local health department when they do become sick, they insist on going to the hospital – which costs more! Obama care will only create more of these deadbeats. Especially when people start loosing the insurance they already have (and are happy with) as a result of the new regulations.

Conflict of Inerest

There is a MAJOR conflict of interest for one entity (the government) to be both regulator AND competitor.

Let the Free Market Work Out Its Own Solutions

By making the government a competitor in the market place, Obama care will also stifle the free market system that is ALREADY seeking its own solutions. More and more doctors are opting out of insurance plans and are taking patients on a fee only basis instead. Not only is this their way of reducing their own costs, but it is also a means of reducing the increasing government interference into the personal and private relationship between patient and doctor – stifling best-care practices.

Stop the Out of Control Spending!!!

Obama has already tripled the national debt with no plan to pay for it! While every household in America is tightening the belt, our government is out of control. The Obama Administration and the Democrat Congress has already admitted that this will cost much more than everyone originally thought – which was already much more than most were willing to approve. And they still have no idea how this will be paid for!!!! When is enough enough? STOP THE SPENDING ALREADY!!!

Well… you can see that I’ve not fleshed out some of my points. But in the interest of time (Congress is voting on this already!!!), I think it’s best to “get it out there.”

Now, here’s the link I promised to Neal Boortz’s post: Healthcare is Not a Right.