Obamanomics: What’s Best For Who?!?

I keep hearing on the news all these “rosy-outlook-everything’s-gonna-be-great-from-now-on” reports about the upcoming inauguration and Obama’s plans for our future. And it would just about make a person forget all about how he’s just leading this country another step closer to Socialism (Marxism, if he has his way). It all sounds so rational and hopeful and reassuring.

Until you stop listening to the PEBO-butt-kissing media and look at the details for yourself. (For those of you who don’t know, PEBO is an acronym for President Elect Barack Obama.) When I hear reports about the means by which he plans to stimulate the economy, my questions are always the same: “And this actually stimulates the economy how? This creates real jobs how? This is a sustainable means of economic growth how?”

Then I listen to Neal Boortz and my questions are validated:

The truth behind the the fancy words.

A comparison of Obama’s plan and a tax holiday.

And just to put the nail in the coffin.

4 Responses to Obamanomics: What’s Best For Who?!?

  1. Where did you get your blog layout from? I’d like to get one like it for my blog.

  2. Tim 'Gonzo' Gordon

    While I respect your right to make rash statements, I am continually amazed by people who are judging a guy who ISN’T EVEN IN OFFICE YET.

    Perhaps you should wait a year or two, and then take a look at results. By then your statements may be correct. Or not. Who’s to know today?

    I’m sure tons of people thought FDR’s new deal was a joke, but leading economists say it really worked to get us out of the depression and would have worked faster had we not gotten involved in WWII.

    Perhaps you’ll let him try? It’s obvious the last regime had no clue as to how to get us out of the pickle they got us into.

    Just a thought…

    Be well!

  3. Hi, Tim!

    Thanks for visiting, and for your comments. All are welcome here.

    As for judging Obama before he’s even in office… Isn’t that what the entire election process is supposed to be about? Judging the candidate’s character, experience, and ability? Judging each candidate based on policy/platform, ideology, and plans for the direction in which he (or she, as the case may be) would like to lead our country?

    I’ve said in an earlier post that I certainly hope that he pleasantly surprises me. So far, I still hear a bunch of rosy rhetoric designed to camouflage the true meaning from the masses. If one looks at his actual plans and puts it in real world context, one easily sees that it does nothing to stimulate the economy. Instead it will further damage it.


  4. Stacey, it was inanis-glass, but I changed it to Atahualpa, because I never really got IG to work the way I wanted. And I felt the user options just made it too confusing for the visitor. Atahualpa offers the same pros as IG – and more – without the cons. It was a simple change. :)

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