Network Marketing Success Requires Duplication

I joined my primary company in October of 2005. After being in several network marketing businesses (without even realizing that was the industry I’d stumbled into), I was finally taught what this industry is and how it works.

Unfortunately, my team only knew how to build using purchased leads.

Calling Leads

Calling Leads

See, I was never afraid of the phone and actually enjoyed talking to people. Even if they weren’t interested in the network marketing industry, I would help them by directing them to alternative sources of “work from home jobs” that were legitimate. But I was really “living the nightmare.”

For 3 solid years, I spent 6-10 hours per day, 5-7 days per week on the phone. I lost count at over 75 enrollments, but was still struggling to keep 20 active customers. And none of them stepped up and purchased, much less called leads. Although purchased  leads worked for my “upline” and it worked for me, it didn’t work  for my enrollees. Because they were afraid of the phone and talking to people.

What I was doing wasn’t duplicatable.

I learned other teams were incorporating 3-way calling into their businesses: from the initial prospecting call to the business presentation through the closing and training phases. But my team didn’t.

I requested training on how to do it, but it never happened. Why?

Maybe they couldn’t teach what they didn’t know. Neither could I. OR they just weren’t willing to be available to their team at a moment’s notice. And because our system of training new people wasn’t simple, and certainly not easy to follow, there was never any duplication.

The only result I had to show for all my work over those 3 years was a serious case of burnout. I couldn’t go on like that. I had neglected my home, my family, and myself. My little girl may as well have not had a mom.

In 2008, I quit buying leads and started learning how to do real internet marketing. Of course I fell  for every “front-end” marketing system that came out between 2007 and 2009.

I learned a LOT about internet marketing, and they were formulated on a good idea: market products or tools to other marketers on the front end to get yourself into “profit mode” fast. Then through relationship building, market your primary business on the back end.

That didn’t work either. Why?

No training & support.

While they hyped up an “easy to use system,” newbies were expected to learn and implement it all on their own. That is a STEEP learning curve!

Again, It wasn’t duplicatable.

Since then I’ve looked at other “front-end” marketing systems that promise results and haven’t been the least bit interested in any of them. Why?

They’re not duplicatable!

Because they’re missing at least one of these necessary components:

  • a means to generate a high quantity of high quality leads – lots of targeted, qualified people who are actually interested in what you have
  • 3-way calling
  • real training and support
  • an easily duplicatable system to plug into
  • real products or services (to keep the FTC from shutting it down) to market for fast profit
  • a means to build relationships, so that it’s at least possible to market something on the back end

I’m sure you’ve heard it said that people join people – not systems, not companies, not products, and certainly not a faceless, possibly fake-named person they never get to speak to. Sure the systems and companies and products are important, but those mass-marketed systems were missing the human touch… The relationship that allows people to get to know each other, and know whether or not the person they’re communicating with has any integrity.

I never found anything that worked until another marketing friend introduced me to Doc King and Cindy Mayo of “Powerhouse 1-2-3.” I joined them in one of their businesses and finally learned how 3-way calls work and how it is incorporated into an easily duplicatable system.

From the initial call through the training process through the back-end marketing of the business of your choice, there’s a real team with real 24/7 support, a real method of finding leads, real 3-way calling,  real training, and real tools to market on the front end to get you into profit mode fast.

And knowing what I know now, I’m starting over with another team with my primary company – a team that incorporates these components into their system for real duplication that was never possible before.

Being with the PowerHouse123 team also taught  me to hone my business-analysis skills. While they taught me easily duplicatable systems and introduced me to some tools that can be used to build ANY business, they also reinforced the concept that just because someone is making money, that doesn’t mean the business they’re using to earn that money is a good, ethical business. And just because someone can “show you the money,” that doesn’t mean they’re in possession of a good business mind. In other words, leading someone to the money, doesn’t mean they’re a good Mentor. More on that in another post, though.

Duplication is absolutely necessary for success. If you’re ready to find a team that can show you how, either visit and fill out the form on that page, or call me at 678-696-1696. Yes, I’m a real person who answers the phone.

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