The FairTax: Get Educated, Get Involved!

Ok, here’s one of my passions!

I’m a freak for the FairTax. It doesn’t matter what part of the US Economy is your hot button, the FairTax is the answer.

Job creation? FairTax.

Bring jobs back to the US and/or keep them here? FairTax.

Improve trade & reduce trade deficit? FairTax.

Bring cash & capital to the US that’s being hidden in off-shore accounts? FairTax.

Economic Stimulus? FairTax.

Immigration Issues? FairTax.

Decreasing (in most cases, removing) the tax burden on the poor & working class? FairTax.

Removing the IRS’s bullying of citizens unable to defend themselves? FairTax.

Saving the Social Security System? FairTax.

Promoting research and development into alternative fuel sources? FairTax.

Making government more transparent? FairTax.

I encourage you to get the FACTS about the FairTax. Don’t listen to pundits and politicians! Go to and you’ll find many sources for study. You can read the actual FairTax Act (HR 25, S 1025), or read a “plain English” summary of it. There are even links for you to contact your Congressman, or Representative, or even President Elect Obama, so you can tell them to support it.

The best way to educate yourself is to read the two books written by Congressman John Linder, one of the authors of the legislation, and Neal Boortz, a self-professed big mouth of talk radio. They’re both very easy, quick, and entertaining reads, despite the seriousness of the subject matter.

Don’t like Neal Boortz and don’t want to contribute to his bank account? GREAT! He made the mistake of underestimating how big this issue would become, thus underestimated the number of book sales that would result, and promised that all royalties would be dontated to charity. Because he promised on the air, he’s sticking to his word. Even though there are now TWO books instead of just the one, all royalties STILL go to charity! So buy the book and do something good with your money at the same time!

Along the lines of contacting Obama, another source I found ( lets you rank 1,002 priorities or issues he will be facing as our new President, and send him your rankings. This is a great way to let him know what US Citizens consider should be his top priorities. Yep, the FairTax is currently ranked #1.

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  2. Of course you may use it. Appreciate the credit. :)

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