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The “Skinny B” Wants Back Out!

I’m a former walking skeleton.

All my life I was skinny and couldn’t do anything about it. Believe me I tried!

My first year in college, I went on a eating binge. For a week, I ate constantly – mostly junk food from the vending machine in the student lounge. I got tired of thinking about food all the time that I gave up at the end of that week. Results? Zero weight gain.

Too Skinny!

College Pageant Days – early 80s. Too skinny!

Later, in a college Health Education course, we had a big project to do – completely free choice, as long as it was addressed a health topic. I chose to follow the food pyramid for a week. You remember the food pyramid from the mid 80s. Most people didn’t even know how to read the thing, much less use it. That meant I had to figure that out, figure out how to measure the food I was eating to match “servings” as determined by the pyramid, and make sure I was getting all my daily servings in, keeping a log the whole time. Every night I would go to bed with servings uneaten… And was so tired of thinking about food and eating food. (Did I mention that I use to hate food? Eating was a chore to me.) My conclusion in my project report was that I didn’t need that much food!

A healthy adult.

In my late 20s I finally “filled out” enough to stop looking like a pre-teen. Wish I could find a pic of me at 25 in a bikini on a boat so you could see what I mean. I hated being that thin.

In my 30s I started working desk jobs and finally got plump enough to have real boobs! lol To keep weight gain from becoming a problem, I was able to simply walk to keep it down.

The beginning of obesity.

Wedding Pic - a little heavy for my liking, but ok.

Wedding Pic – a little heavy for comfort, but ok.

Then I got married to a really good cook at the age of 39. By this time, I had stopped hating food – especially eating it – and could relish a really good meal. A year later we had a baby. (Yep, at 40 years old. We tried for more, but it wasn’t God’s plan. Or maybe it’s our fault for waiting to get married so long! hahaha) Not only did I not lose the “baby” fat, but started putting on more. A LOT more! My weight has been steady at 170 since the pregnancy, but there’s much more fat, flab, and rolls. (You can see recent pics on my facebook page.) God really DOES have a sense of humor, right?

In August of 2011, my best friend & I started working out together (3-5 days per week). As soon as the kids are at school, we’d meet at her house to walk or do Jillian Michaels or Biggest Loser DVDs. In May of 2012, out of frustration that the fat won’t go away, she and I started looking at ways to “cheat.” She tried several fad diets, but I just never believed in them.

Now that I’m 49, I’d gladly sacrifice the boobs to be skinny again. Being fat has been an interesting experience, but it’s got to go. It’s making me old before my time! Not to mention that it interferes in our love life. :/

The desperation of the obese.

So, out of desperation, my best friend, my husband and I are going on a diet. Yes, I’m dieting. We’ve found a “cheat” system, and are so excited to have found MyFitnessPal.com to help us. Because without it, I wouldn’t realize that even with my “cheat” system, I was still going to be eating too many calories!

Looks like I’ll be skinny again in a year! :)

Alternatives to Socialized Medicine

Ok, so the Socialist in DC have at least acknowledged that the Health Care reform movement is about Health Insurance and not necessarily Health Care. So let’s stop arguing about the fact that nobody has any problem getting the health care they need.

Yes, there are needed improvements in health care – nothing and nobody are perfect. Fortunately we live in the greatest country on earth (not for long, if certain people have their way) that is creative, industrious, and ingenious, and they’re working on that. Medical breakthroughs really are occurring every day!

Yes, the health insurance industry needs improvement. But, the last I checked, health insurance wasn’t an inalienable right. And socialized medicine is NOT the answer. It has proven a mistake everywhere it has been practiced.

Here are some suggested steps to take (many already being sought by the GOP – the supposed party of “no” – but being thwarted by the Socialist Party otherwise known as Democrats):

First, hold people accountable for their own health. It’s a fact that those who take better care of themselves have fewer health problems, thus have lower health care costs. While some things cannot be averted (accidents, genetic diseases, and some cancers), it’s up to each person to determine the best course of care and payment options for themselves. There are other alternatives to socialization.

Second, reward healthy behaviors, but do NOT punish unhealthy behavior. For instance, smoking is an addiction, so instead of punishing smokers, reward those who quit and/or don’t smoke. Research work-place wellness programs that have proven effective for ideas.

Third, the insurance industry itself is rife with fraud & abuse. That’s one of the reasons it costs so much!

Fourth, tort reform can go a LONG way to reduce costs across the board!

Fifth, how about reforming the insurance industry such that individual/family plans are viable options. That’s the biggest problem with health insurance. Currently, people are slaves to their jobs just for the health benefits packages. How about insurance companies offering group plans for individuals that are independent of employers/companies, but also affordable?

Lastly, how about a “Thanks, but no thanks” option? Many don’t want nor need insurance (so let’s stop raving about the number of people without it). Many in the medical industry are already moving toward a fee-only type of service. This is because in most cases, simple preventive medical care (annual check ups & such) are still much less expensive than insurance premiums!

I’ll say it again: Health Insurance is not an inalienable right! It is not the government’s (tax payers’) job to provide it!