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What Are the Duties of Government?

As I was driving the other day (don’t remember where or why… from point a to point b, it doesn’t matter) a very revealing and liberating thought occurred to me. Must have been Divinely placed, because I’m not really this smart.

Our Federal Government really only has two duties:

  1. To protect our nation & it’s citizens against all enemies, foreign & domestic.
  2. To defend, protect, and enforce the Constitution of the United States of America.

Think about it… Since the day our nation was created, beginning with the Declaration of Independence and ending with the Constitution of the United States (as originally ratified – including the Bill of Rights), it was NEVER intended that our Federal Government would be this big, nor be this involved in our daily lives. (OH! Let me clarify here, before I get accused of racism, that the 13th Amendment is a valid, Constitutional, extension of those two duties.)

Our Founding Fathers didn’t even include any method of taxation in those founding documents!!!

That didn’t begin until the “Civil War” (which was not a civil war, but a War of Secession). Before that, funds necessary for the operations of government were collected from sales taxes (on a very limited number of goods) and tariffs. Tariffs have been eliminated (for the most part) because they have unintended detrimental consequences to our economy. Regardless, even after the Civil War, the income tax was eliminated and didn’t come back permanently until 1913 with the ratification of the 16th Amendment.

So the fact that we have Departments of Education, Labor, Energy, Agriculture, Interior, Insurance, and Travel, and Health & Human Services, are all different heads of the leviathan that was never intended to exist! Those two duties (listed above) only support the existence of the Department of Defense. Even the Department of Homeland Security is a redundancy.

Yet, our Founding Fathers DID include the 10th Amendment which states:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Therefore, EVERYTHING else that our federal government has done, is doing, and is attempting to do outside of those two duties listed above are UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

  1. They were not delegated to it by the Constitution.
  2. Nor have the States granted to the Federal Government those authorities!!! (The Federal Government has assumed those duties without authorization by the States, and the States have been letting it get away with it to this day!)

Therefore, here’s my Budget Proposal for Congress: Eliminate everything except the DOD and get your noses, rules, regulations, and the IRS back out of our lives, where it doesn’t belong!!! You had the concept of taxes right in the beginning – sales taxes.

Religous Freedom?

I’ve been participating in a political forum of sorts at http://whitehouse2.org. One of the issues under consideration is “Restore Separation of Church & State.” There’s been a discussion going on over a talking point that I added to the issue: “Restore” implies that something has been removed.

In the interest of not wasting work/time, I wanted to post some of that discussion here.

So, here is the point as I posted it:

The Third Article of the Bill of Rights: “Congress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” (The rest has nothing to do with religion – don’t be lazy, go look it up.) This simply hinders state-endorsed religion, and keeps the state from prohibiting citizens from worshiping (or not) as they choose (as long as it’s lawful).

But in the name of “Separation of Church & State,” many ARE being prohibited in the free exercise thereof by Atheists and the PC crowd.

So, what’s been removed and needs restoring? The freedom to exercise thereof.
In a way you’re right… Separate Church & State by eliminating laws that prohibit freedom of religious exercises and/or impose other religious expressions/exercises onto another’s expression/exercise.

In response to one fellow who seems to be using this point to work on his Masters Thesis:

Christianity acknowledges that there is only one God. There is no separation between man & God because Jesus died on the cross to restore man’s relationship with Him. This removed the final barrier in that relationship – which was sin, not another person, entity, or political structure. Christians don’t make the mistake of believing they, themselves, are deity (hinduism).

Atheism denies the existence of deity, and believes that life is a chemical & biological accident.

Humanism is a social movement that attempts to qualify all religions & non-religions as equally valid in the interest of avoiding conflict. Nothing wrong with that. The problem is that, in that effort, Humanist themselves are actively attempting to eliminate Christianity from our society under the guise of Political Correctness. What they don’t understand is that the violation of the rights of any group is just as unconstitutional and WRONG – humanly – as are the violations of the rights of another. (Anyone see “The Pianist?” It begins with seemingly innocuous little policies, then, tiny step by tiny step lead to human rights violations, which lead to the gas chambers. It started with Jews & grew…)

England was trampling on the religious freedoms of its people, so they left & established a new country where they would be free to be Protestant or Catholic as they chose. In the interest of protecting that right, it is protected for all people of all religions or lack thereof.

Same thing was happening all over Europe, and continues to happen throughout the world. Those who desired that freedom came to the US. From Poland, Germany, Russia, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq. (Yes, I know religious freedom isn’t the only driving force.)

The point is, the Constitution & Bill of Rights were written to protect this freedom for ALL not just the few. And if the US doesn’t get their collective heads out of the Humanist @$$, neither of these documents will have a legal leg to stand on and, one-by-one, all religion will be banned from public display of all types: ALL practices will be reserved for the privacy of the home, no churches, no synagogues, nor mosques, no foot-washing sinks in public buildings, Muslims will have to go home 5 times a day, you better not even bow your head before eating in a restaurant, don’t say “bless you” if someone sneezes…

So, prometheuspan, you can work on your Master’s Thesis here if it’s your goal to promote yourself. But your attitude is an example of the problem.