From Network Marketing Failure to Network Marketing Success

I know you’ve heard before that it doesn’t matter how many times you fall, the only thing that matters is how many times you get up.

Well, I’ve had my share of getting back up.

You see, I started looking for a way to earn money from home back in 1997. I was working as a temp office worker, barely making ends meet, struggling to become a professional actress – you know… One who actually gets paid instead of volunteers. My problem was that I needed money to pay the bills, but I also needed time freedom to go to auditions or even to accept the few gigs I actually earned.

Sound familiar? The common man’s quest for the balance between self-sufficiency and the freedom to actually enjoy life?

So I started my search for something I could do to earn an income while working the hours I set for myself… That’s LEGAL! LOL After all, I have a strong work ethic, I’m smart and resourceful, and I “still had my looks!”

This of course led me to home business ventures of all kinds. So, I tried a few different things with varying degrees of success. Mostly failure.

I lost embarrassing amounts of money on scams. Money that I absolutely could not afford to loose.

One thing actually made a profit, but not enough to be able to quit my job. Not even enough to be considered part-time income.

Being an actress, I already had a taste for residual income, so I was naturally drawn to the Network Marketing (NWM) industry. My problem was that I didn’t know what I was doing. I couldn’t even make the legitimate things work. So many people were taking my credit card number with promises of success. But then they all left me out in the cold – naked, if you know what I mean.

Enough was enough. I knew I needed to stop blindly putting my trust in others. It was up to ME to take responsibility and KNOW what I was getting into before I ever took that plunge again. I stopped “doing” businesses and went into research mode.

Over the next three years, I kept coming across a certain company that stood out in my mind over all the others I’d investigated. It had everything good going for it and had eliminated all the other things that I hated about the other businesses I’d tried.

But I just kept saying, “I’m not ready, let me think about it…”


I was S-C-A-R-E-D!

After all my failures, I just knew this was destined to be another. I was afraid of being taken to the cleaners – again. (By they way, if you’ve been scammed in the past few months, and the company isn’t doing anything to rectify the problem, call your credit card company! They want to wipe out scams just as much as you do.)

In the meantime, I got married and had a baby. Do you have any idea how much daycare costs?!?!?!? Let’s just say that it completely wiped out my savings, so I had to put my search for a home business in over drive. We just couldn’t “keep doing the same thing expecting different results” – which is what Einstein says is the definition of insanity.

Meanwhile, my husband got a better job so that I could stay home with our little girl. Then when the timing was right, in May of 2005, I spent my whole work day typing up my letter of resignation, and at the end of that day… my employer fired me.

But when the unemployment benefits ran out & I still didn’t have another job, we quickly got in trouble. We didn’t have enough money coming in to make ends meet. That meant we were living on credit cards.

Out of desperation (and still with fear and trepidation) I contacted the people who’d talked to me about that one company that I just couldn’t forget, and found the team I wanted to work with. With the training and support that I wish I’d had way back when I kept failing, I was able to have success. Finally! Although I think God waited until I found the right company and He knew I was really ready to do the work (not just say I’d do it) before He blessed me with the tools I needed for success.

But, hold your horses. I was successful… but only relatively speaking. I was no longer loosing money, but I wasn’t making enough to earn a profit. I was only breaking even.

I went to my support team and begged, “What am I doing wrong?!?!?” They helped as much as they could then had to direct me to some independent training sources. And I really have to give them kudos for that. Here’s why:

  1. I’ll admit that I’m not the most trainable person in the world. I’m hard-headed – doubly so!
  2. My support team could only train me on the methods they knew. What I needed help with was beyond their knowledge.

Those independent training sources really did help me. (If you want to know who they are, email or call me and I’ll be happy to share. No strings attached.) I started getting better results. With practice and keeping myself plugged in, I was finally able to convert myself from an NWM Failure into a NWM Success.

One Response to From Network Marketing Failure to Network Marketing Success

  1. Danni,
    Great story and a lot of good facts for others to read. The truth in network marketing is very seldom spoken. It is a simply style of business but it is a lot of hard work. Most individuals who come to our industry are just everyday individuals who are used to getting a pay check at the end of the week. It takes truth in understanding the efforts necessary to build on a good business in our industry. Keep posting and help many. Your story is as real as it gets. Many can learn from you. Great video by the way! Powerful!!!!!!

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